Can Threatview break my site?

Hello again,

Is there a risk that the Threatview scan would break my site? I am worried about 2 things:

  • Integrity: can the scan accidentally exploit a vulnerability and trigger a configuration change or anything similar?
  • Performance: Is there a risk that the site would become too slow while the scan is running

Thank You,
Jack Albright

Hi Jack,

The first is extremely unlikely. All Threatview does is load a few locations in your site (including the home page), from which it determines things such as the platform and version it might be using, for example Magento 2.1, as well as the presence of any indications of compromise such as a malicious script injected in your home page’s source code. This information is then analysed in our backend to determine your risk score: “The site runs JQuery version X so is vulnerable to Y”, “URL Z works and we know that this is known malware” etc. Threatview does not attempt to actively exploit or change anything. If the Threatview scan can make changes to your website, then so can any random person by simply visiting the site using their browser, without doing anything special.

The second eventuality is also highly unlikely but not inconceivable. If the site is not properly configured or too low on hardware resources, it is of course possible that even the (few) requests carried out as part of the Threatview scan will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back and make the whole site slow. Again, such a problem would probably manifest with every random visitor and doesn’t have anything to do with the scan in itself. Also, a Threatview scan will simply abort if it hasn’t completed in 30 seconds, so whatever performance issues it might cause cannot last longer than that.

I must stress that we are splitting hairs here, the events that I am referring to are extremely unlikely and any website facing such issues would in all likelihood be already aware of them and be actively working towards fixing them, since they would show up with pretty much any visit by anyone.

In a nutshell: there is nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,