Site showing wrong MCC?

Hi all

I noticed on the portal it shows the MCC for my site is a grocery store but this is incorrect as it’s an online bookstore. Is there any way I can change it?


I had a similar issue, I just I sent a ticket via the portal and the support team fixed the issue for me.

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Hi Phoebe,

The MCC code is based on AI that remains somewhat experimental and we constantly improve it through training. The AI “reads” your website and tries to figure out what it sells. Some mistakes are unavoidable. Some trades are inherently related so the AI might for example misclassify a 5942 (Book Store) as 5943 (Stationary, Office and School Supply) . And some MCCs such as 5964 - Catalog Merchant have to do with the business model and are very difficult to guess from your website. However, there are also more substantial errors (such as the one you are describing where the two activities are obviously unrelated) and when we are told about them we include them in the next training cycle, significantly improving classification accuracy: we have observed that adding to the training set samples that the AI got wrong “pays better” than adding samples that the AI got right.

This is why we are giving users the option to report such mistakes directly from their dashboard. Simply place your mouse over the question mark icon next to the MCC and click where it says “clicking HERE”.

If you use that feature, rest assured that your feedback will be taken into account and result not only in a better classification for your website (after a few days, since training is done in weekly cycles) but in classification accuracy for all websites as a whole.

Kind regards,