What is Sender Policy framework?

I’ve just had the results back from my scan and my Sender Policy Framework (SPF) result is far from satisfactory! It’s an E! I’m not great at research so was hoping someone could help me out on here and give me an overview on what it is and how to get an A!

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Hello – so here is an overview from the website:
‘The SPF assessment checks the configuration of the Sender Policy Framework record for the site. Sender Policy Framework provides a mechanism to restrict who can send emails on behalf of the site. If not configured, threat actors will be able to send emails pretending to be a user from the site. A strong SPF policy will strictly limit the server addresses able to send mail for the domain as well as rejecting any emails which are sent from other unauthorised mail servers. An SPF record may be flagged as being weak if it does not reject unauthorised messages, instead opting to mark the message as spam. Although marking the message as spam provides some protection, it is not sufficient to fully protect the site.’


Ah marvellous! Thank you! I understand the explanation as it was in layman terms but I may have to get a techy friend onto it for me as it’s a bit out of my skill set! I have another question but I will post it separately so not to cause confusion!